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Online video is omnipresent, use it for your advantage

Few days ago I came upon an interesting article about video production in a publication for HR professionals. In “Leveraging Video Technology to Attract the Right Kind of Talent” author Cyrus Mavalwala offers examples of how corporate video can serve more purposes beside the most common intro video that introduces your company to the potential new clients. Targeted corporate video can provide “right information at the right time” and while the article, targeted at HR professionals, focuses on recruiting and how companies can use video production to show candidates the benefits of working for their organization there are many other ways you can use video to share a specific, focused message.

As Cyrus points out, video “most closely mimics the most powerful form of communication – face-to-face” and you can use this to your advantage whether you want to communicate your message internally within the organization or externally with customers, peers, candidates, suppliers or anyone else you want to receive a clear and engaging message about your objectives.

For example, during video production for Sabai Thai Spa in Vancouver we shot and edited several separate videos that answer specific questions that their clients might have. This way they can present their potential new clients with an overall video that introduces the spa and then a second video (see below) that offers clients testimonials about their favourite treatments which will help introduce the new clients to services offered and provide real client testimonials about those services.

If you and your marketing team prepare a strategy on what stories you want to share we can produce multiple videos during a single production day, keeping your costs lower and creating an efficient and engaging content for your brand.

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